About Us - Meal Details

Small Savers meals are catered by the Good Food Company, of Arlington, VA.

Good Food Company's literature reads:

" At Good Food Company, we think nutrition is very important. Research has shown that good nutrition during a child's early years is important not only to ensure healthy growth, but also to instill beneficial eating habits and healthful attitudes that will stay with the child throughout his or her life.

As the parent or guardian of a child who eats five or more meals a week at a day-care center or school, you want to be certain that your little one is offered the foods necessary to grow and be healthy.

When your child-care center chooses Good Food Company to supply its meals, you are assured of the highest quality nutrition available in your area. Good Food Company has been providing nutritious meals to day-care centers since 1979. This experience has taught us what foods day-care children need, and what foods they life. Here are some other important factors to consider:

As a parent, you can take an active role to ensure your children develop good eating habits.

Good Food Company offers these tips to help make that job easier:

Good Food Company is a family-run company. We have children of our own, and we're proud to offer your child the same good nutrition we believe in at home."

Good Food Company can be reached by calling (703) 527-2095, and is located at 1523 N. Danville Street, in Arlington, VA 22201.