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Tuition and any outstanding fees are due the first business day of each month. Payment is timely if it is made by close of business on the fifth business day of the month. If the bank for any reason returns a check, you will be required to cover the check and the service fee with a certified check or a money order. After two returned checks, you will always be required to pay by certified check or money order. Tuition is based on the classroom your child attends. When your child transitions from one class to another, you will begin to pay the tuition of the receiving class the first of the month following the transition.

Small Savers does not refund tuition money or give "make-up" days for legal holidays, snow emergency days or days missed because of illness or vacation.

Our Rates

2016-2017 Monthly Tuition Rates*
Classroom CFPB Employee Non-CFPB Employee

Infant $1,873 $1,937
Toddler I $1,805 $1,870
Toddler II $1,669 $1,744
Preschool $1,448 $1,494
NOTE: There is a $75.00 wait list application fee for CFPB families, a $100.00 for non-CFPB families and a $200.00 registration and supply fee, that's not included in the above figures.
A $25.00 late fee is charged for tuition not received by COB of the Fifth business day.
* Scholarships are available on a sliding fee scale, and rates are subject to change without notice.

Note: For more information, contact the Center Assistant Interim Director, Daniel Powell by phone at 202.216.0457 or by email.