About Us - Security

The sponsoring agency maintains a restricted access building for the safety of its employees and by extension, for the safety of Small Savers children. All Small Savers' parents will be issued a Small Savers Photo ID that must be shown when entering the building. It is essential that all parents respect The sponsoring agency's established level of security and fully cooperate with all security measures implemented by the sponsoring agency. For non-the sponsoring agency parents, it is also important that you restrict your movement within the building to travel from the entrance of the building to the Center and return. An exception to this general rule can be made when travel to the remainder of the building is undertaken in conjunction with an established Small Savers event or scheduled meeting (i.e. Parent-teacher conferences, Board meetings, and Center parties). Any willful noncompliance with the instructions of security staff or any unauthorized movement within the building may result in termination of childcare services.

Emergency Procedures

The safety and security of the children is the number one priority of the Center. The Center has implemented specific procedures, which must be followed by both staff and parents during an emergency situation. During a building emergency, the staff of Small Savers will work closely with the facilities and security management staff and will comply with their instructions. If you need to reach the Center during an emergency situation, please call 202-216-0285, 202-216-0457 or call one of the following cell phone numbers, Director 202-302-1119.

Center Closures

If the Center closes due to an emergency situation, you will be notified via phone or e-mail to pick-up your child. If you receive an e-mail message that has "URGENT" written in the subject line and contains a request for you to pick up your child as soon as possible, please come immediately. We are concerned for the safety of your child and the safety of the staff. If you do not have an e-mail account at work, please open an account with a free provider and let us know what your address is. If you are not sure whether the Center is open or closed, please call 202-216-0457 and listen to the current status message on the voicemail system.

Building Evacuation

During a building evacuation, we do not stop to put on coats or shoes. The evacuation begins immediately. One or more of the following may indicate an evacuation:

Floaters, if not an integral part of a classroom, are to proceed immediately to the Infant Room for instructions from the Director. Parents who are present in the Center at this time must stay and assist the classroom they are in at the time. Do not take your child (or any other child) from the group unless the Lead Teacher (or teacher in charge) directs you to do so.

All groups (with the exception of the Infant Classroom) will proceed through the exit door in the Toddler II Classroom. They will turn right and proceed up the stairs in a calm and orderly manner. The Infants will exit through the Infant Classroom door, turn right and follow the other groups up the stairway.

In the case of a fire drill, upon reaching street level, the children and staff should line up against the west wall while the Lead Teachers (or teachers in charge) check attendance.

In the event of a real evacuation, staff and children will be instructed by the Director to move immediately to the playground located at 19th and E Streets, NW. If we are unable to get to the playground, we will go to George Washington University Quad located between 21st and I Street. Parents may come to the playground or the Quad to pick up their children. Children are not to leave the group unless signed out by their parent under the direction of the Lead Teacher (or teacher in charge).

Shelter-in-Place Emergency

If it is determined that the building will be locked down for the safety of all occupants, the sponsoring agency will implement Shelter-in-Place procedures. All individuals in the building at the time of the emergency will be instructed to go to the Center. No one will be able to enter the building from the outside. The Center has been stocked with a minimum three-day supply of food, water and first aid equipment and has secured communication lines to receive and transmit information to other federal emergency personnel outside the building. The children and staff of Small Savers will stay in the Center or unless told other wise. No individuals except parents who were in the building at the time of the lock down (or alumni parents who have volunteered to assist in a Shelter-in-Place emergency) will be allowed to enter the Center. The Center has additional emergency food, water and diapers, etc. to sustain the Center for a minimuum of one week.

Homeland Security Threat Advisory System

The national threat level is monitored closely. When the level is “High�?, we do not take the children on walks or to the E Street playground. All outside play activity is confined to the courtyard and the breezeway. If the level reaches "Severe", the children would remain in the Center unless otherwise directed under emergency procedures.