Fundraising Goals

Thank you very much for taking the time to consider supporting early childhood education by sponsoring the Small Savers Scholarship Program.

We would like to request your support in the form of a tax-deductible contribution. Every dollar raised will be used to support education at Small Savers Child Development Center (Small Savers).

Below you will find a list of priorities for the school year, as well as a list of events that will we we will hold to raise the money needed to fund the projects. We hope this will allow Small Savers families to better understand how the money we raise is used, and inspire more families to join in the fundraising efforts.

The priorities for this year will be scholarships, continuing education for the school's teachers, and Montessori work for the individual classrooms.


In order to provide an opportunity for children whose family might not otherwise be able to afford the high quality childcare program, Small Savers provides scholarships depending on space availability. Scholarship funds are primarily provided through private contributions and annual fundraising activities. Any parent of a child enrolled or seeking enrollment in Small Savers may apply for a scholarship, in accordance with the application procedures.

Continuing Education

In order to ensure our children receive a top-notch Montessori education, Small Savers provides funding for teachers in the Infant, Toddler I, Toddler II, and Preschool rooms to attend the Barrie School's Montessori Institute in Silver Spring, MD. Several teachers have successfully completed the Barrie School's program and are AMS-certified. Small Savers would like to continue sending teachers to the Barrie School in an efforts to achieve and maintain a Montessori accreditation for the Center. In addition to Montessori education, the Center also sponsors three training days a year for all the teachers as well as several other educational programs where appropriate.

Montessori Work

A portion of the money raised will go to the classrooms to allow teachers to supplement work that is already available in the classroom and allow them to provide our children with additional exciting learning opportunities during Montessori time.

Fundraising Activities

This year the Fundraising Committee will hold numerous events to reach our annual fundraising goal.

Corporate Donations

For a child care center the size of Small Savers, the GSA recommends an amount equal to 5% of revenues be designated for scholarships. To bolster the Center's scholarship fund so that it is in line with GSA's recommendation, we will be soliciting contributions to the Small Savers Scholarship Fund from several of the larger businesses and firms in the area. We believe this will not only benefit the Center, but it will also provide local companies with an opportunity to engage in community outreach with a well regarded, local institution.

Bake Sales

We will to hold two bake sales during the year. A Fall Bake Sale held around October and a Spring Bake Sale held around April.

White House Ornament Sales

Each Fall, Small Savers orders White House Ornaments from the White House Historical Association. Small Savers generally sells them at below the market value due to the ability to purchase them at a bulk rate discount. Ornaments will be on sale at the Fall Bake Sale, as well as in the Director's Office.

Annual Family Day and Fun Run

At Small Savers, family is very important. Family Day is a special day, once a year where we take time out of our busy lives to slow down, enjoy a day at the park, and raise much needed funds for the Center. As part of the event, the Center sells T-shirts and a portion of the money goes to fund the scholarship fund. Please see our Family Day page to learn more about the event.

Dinner Night

In addition to raising money to support the goals of Small Savers, fundraising activities are a great way to give parents, teachers, and children opportunities to connect outside of the classroom. The Fundraising Committee hosts a dinner night at a nearby restaurant to give families and staff a chance to get together for an evening, after the school closes, and where the school would keep a portion of that evening's restaurant sales.

Making a donation is quick and simple

You may use your existing PayPal account or donate as a guest. PayPal will provide a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. Alternatively, feel free to send a check donation to our office.

Thank you very much for your support! If you are interested in joining the Fundraising Committee or have fundraising ideas, please contact the Fundraising Committee/a>.