Resources - Fundraising


Sign up for eScrip and participating businesses contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit or debit card purchases directly to Small Savers. Participating vendors include Safeway, many local restaurants and, through the eScrip online shopping mall, Amazon, ToysRUs, Best Buy, Nordstrom and many other major retailers. Your family will continue to contribute to Small Savers’ financial well-being as you do your normal shopping.

For Safeway and other grocery stores

  1. Click on the eScrip link. Or, through the eScrip website, search for Small Savers.
  2. Complete the online registration form with your personal information.
  3. Enter your Safeway (or other store’s) loyalty card number. If you have registered with Safeway, but can’t find your card number, call 1-877-SAFEWAY for assistance.
  4. Use your loyalty card when you shop at Safeway, and a percentage of your bill will be contributed directly to Small Savers.

For restaurants

  1. Follow the first two steps above.
  2. Register your credit and/or debit card numbers.
  3. Use your registered credit or debit card when you eat at a participating restaurant ( and 2.5% of your bill will be contributed directly to Small Savers.

For online shopping

  1. Follow the steps above to register.
  2. Click on the eScrip link, click 'Shop Now' or sign in.
  3. From there, you can access many online vendors. A percentage of your purchase will be contributed directly to Small Savers.