Infant Room - Schedule

Transitioning In

As stated in the Small Savers Parent Manual, "Each baby's daily activity is based on his or her evolving pattern of playing, eating and sleeping." While your child may be eating right now "on schedule" every "x" number of hours, it is extremely difficult to maintain that schedule in a school setting. We feed babies when they are hungry and put them to sleep when they are tired. Everything is "on demand." There are no schedules in the Infant Room.

When starting at Small Savers, we find that it is beneficial for both children and parents to spend some time together at the Center. This gives us a chance to get to know you and your child, as well as for you to get to know us -- allowing you to feel more comfortable leaving your child in our care. It is up to each family to determine how much transition time is needed. Every child is different and what may work for one child may not work for another. Whereas some children only require a week to transition, other children may need a month. We realize that transition times may also hinge on your work schedule(s). In the beginning, we recommend spending a few hours a day with your child at school, increasing the length of time each day. Once you feel comfortable, you can start to leave your child for small increments of time. (Even if it's just to use the restroom or to get a cup of coffee.) Please have your child able to drink from a bottle before he or she starts. If he is not taking a bottle and for some reason you are unavailable to nurse, we need to be able to feed your child. By the second or third day, it is probably a good idea to let us offer your child a bottle and put her down for a nap. This will help your child get comfortable with us, too.

Dropping-Off and Picking-Up

We have several coded doors with different combinations. Note, you will be provided with these changing codes from the Center Director. Always wash your hands when entering the Infant Room.

Safety regulations require all parents to sign their child "in" and "out" on the clipboard. If you are visiting during the day and would like to take your child out but are planning on coming back, please sign your child "out" in pencil and erase it when you return. The clipboard contains information about every child in the Center, and it is extremely important (especially for fire drills) that we have an accurate count of all children. Also, if you know that you are going to be visiting with your child for a little bit before you depart, please sign your child "out" when you arrive instead of waiting to do so when you leave. Staff begins leaving at 4:30, but can only do so when the numbers are down. We consider all children "in attendance" until they are signed out -- even if you're at the Center with your child.

We ask that all parents change their baby's diaper upon arrival. This allows us to remain in the pen and provide emotional support to the babies whose parents are preparing to leave for the day. You will find diapers, rolled changing table paper, and plastic bags (for dirty diapers, wipes and changing paper, or for soiled clothing) at the changing stations. You do not need to glove your hands to change your own infant's diaper. When you are finished changing your child's diaper, place every item (the diaper, wipes, and paper) into a plastic bag and dispose of it in the trash can. You can wash your younger infant's hands with a baby wipe or your older infant's hands at the sink. Spray the mat with the bleach solution, let it air dry, and wash your hands at the sink. We ask that you place your child in the pen before handling the bleach solution.

As mentioned above, please fill out your child's section on their Primary Caregiver's clipboard. Note times when your child last ate and last slept (for example, during the night or a nap on the way to school). Let us know if you plan on visiting that day and when, and your approximate pick-up time. It is extremely helpful in planning our day if we know about upcoming absences or variations from your usual schedule. Please call us early in the morning if your child is going to be out for that day or will be arriving late. If we do not hear from you by 10:00 a.m., we will try to reach you to confirm that your child will be out that day. In addition, if you will be picking up your child later or earlier than the time you had specified, please give us a call to let us know.

Some Abbreviations that We Use