Infant Room - What To Bring


Make sure everything is clearly labeled! Initials are okay unless there are two children with the same initials in the Infant Room.

What Not to Bring

Where Do I Put Everything?

Peanut and Nut Policy

Many food products pose problems for children with allergies, but the most dangerous in a school setting are peanuts and tree nuts. Tree nuts include almonds, walnuts, cashews, filberts, etc.

As Small Savers is a peanut-free Center, we want to ensure that no peanut or nut products are introduced into the classrooms. This is because children do not necessarily have to ingest peanuts and tree nuts, but exposure, even in the tiniest amount, through inadvertent contact (nose, eyes or mouth) can cause a serious reaction.

Strict avoidance is the only means of preventing an allergic reaction. Therefore, we require parent and staff cooperation in the following ways:

Staff will refuse to distribute any of the above-mentioned products.

Small Savers will not be responsible for food that is not distributed by the Center itself. When a child is present at a potluck (or party/function where non-Center food is provided), the child's teacher or the Lead Teacher will not permit the child to eat food not provided by the Center unless otherwise specified by the parent. We thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.