Resources - Forms and Manuals

The parent's manual is required reading for all parents with a child at Small Savers. Please download and read it here. In addition, you should have received a copy when your child first came to the center: Parent's Manual

For your convenience, here is a copy of the Center's Operating Status.

For parents interested in having their child attend Small Savers, here is our letter and other information for you: Waiting List Letter

If you need Small Savers to administer medication, whether physician prescribed, or over-the-counter, you will need to provide a copy of this completed form: Medication Form

Please keep your emergency contact information up-to-date with the form: Emergency Information Form

In order for Small Savers to be able to release a child to someone other than a parent, those individual(s) who have permission must have their name(s) on this form: Authorized Pick-Up Form

For children in the infant room, Small Savers requires permission to allow your child to sleep on their stomach. To allow that, please complete this form and deliver it to Small Savers: Stomach Permission Slip

The Washington DC Maternal and Family Health Administration has the DC Child Health Certificate available as a downloadable form, when needed by parents, and is included here, for ease of access.

Please take a look at our most recent Director's Report to learn more about the Center’s current enrollment, staffing, activities and goals.