Toddler Ones Room - Philosophy

The Program

The Toddler One Program is based upon each toddler's individual developmental characteristics and needs. In the Toddler One room, your child's emerging sense of individuality is fostered in an environment that combines safety, health, security, acceptance, and fun. The Toddler One Program provides for the development of the whole child in the areas of social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth. It focuses on your child’s natural learning style and provides activities that are varied, challenging, and interesting.



Almost everyday, the children will have an opportunity to experience various forms of art including (but not limited to) finger painting, brush painting, and coloring with crayons.


During Montessori Time, your toddler will be able to use different, child-appropriate materials and lessons: scooping with balls and spoons, pegboards, blocks, puzzles, pouring, and sorting toys. We believe that Art Projects and Montessori Time assist in the development of cognitive, language, and fine motor skills.

Let's Get Started!

Every effort is made to make transitions as smooth as possible. As your child's transition date approaches, you can assist by planning extra time to visit together and get acquainted with the environment.