Waiting List

To be considered for admission, you must fill out an application and join our waiting list. There is a non-refundable fee due when you submit your application, which is $60 for a child of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) employee and $120.00 for a child from a family in which no parent is employed by the CFPB. Parents are encouraged to place their children on the waiting list as early as possible and may do so as long as they are expecting a baby and have a due date or have an adoption application pending. You must select a preferred start month for enrollment when you submit an application. Please note that children are expected to be at least twelve weeks old to enroll at the school but may be placed on the waiting list at any time.  

Enrollment Order of Priority -- Small Savers Montessori accepts children for enrollment under a priority system. Because of this enrollment priority system, an applicant’s space on the waiting list is not fixed, and an applicant can be pushed further down the waiting list by a subsequent applicant from a higher-priority category.

Priority for enrollment into a specific open space is as follows:  

1.     Sibling of Child Currently Enrolled

2.     Child of CFPB Employee

3.     Child of Small Savers Employee

4.     Sibling of Former Small Savers Student

5.     Child of General Public

Enrollment depends on an applicant’s priority status at the time of enrollment, not application. If your child’s enrollment priority status changes between submitting an application and receiving an offer of enrollment, please notify the school so that your child’s place on the wait list can be updated. The school reserves the right to require proof of current enrollment priority status before a child can be enrolled and may revoke an offer of enrollment if a child’s enrollment priority status has changed.

Small Savers Montessori strives to ensure that each child is offered a space that is appropriate for his or her age and needs, which includes ensuring that there will be space for that child in older classrooms as he or she grows. Therefore, open spaces are designated with an appropriate age range and offers of enrollment will be made to children who fall within that age range according to their enrollment order of priority and date of application. If more than one child in an enrollment priority group is eligible by age for a space, it will be first offered to the child with the earliest waiting list application date. The age range for an open space is designated by the Executive Director or Board of Directors. When a child transitions from the infant room to the toddler room, the resulting open space in the infant room will usually be designated for an infant between twelve weeks and six months old.

Offers of Enrollment -- The school will contact you when a space becomes available for your child up to two months before your preferred enrollment month. Within two business days, you must accept or decline the offer. If you do not respond to the offer within two business days, the space will be forfeited and offered to the next child in line. Parents are responsible for ensuring that Small Savers has their current contact information.  

To accept an offer of enrollment, you must submit a deposit and begin paying tuition as of the date the space is available. Specifically, you may: (1) enroll your child effective the date of the opening, provided that your child is at least twelve weeks old; or (2) begin paying tuition for that space on the date of the opening in order to hold the space open for your child, but defer enrolling your child into the space until a later date.

To decline an offer of enrollment, you have several options, depending on your circumstances: (1) if the offer is made before your preferred starting month, you may decline the space, retain your place on the waiting list, and wait until another space becomes available; (2) if the offer is made during or after your preferred starting month, you must select a new preferred starting date and your waiting list application date will become the date on which you declined the offer, which will result in a lower waiting list position in most circumstances; or (3) you may permanently decline enrollment and request that your child be removed from the waiting list. The Executive Director or Board of Directors may make exceptions to the procedures for accepting offers of enrollment in exceptional circumstances

Adopted by the Small Savers Board of Directors on October 23, 2018.

Registration and Supply Fee

There is a non-refundable Registration and Supply Fee of $200 due when a space at the school is allotted to your child. At this time, the registration form, developmental history information, pick-up permission and emergency information form, and the medical form will all be processed and a file set up for your child.

Deposit Policy

A check for one-half of monthly tuition rounded up to the nearest $50, which will serve as a deposit, must be delivered to the school within three business days of acceptance of an available space. If you give the office a thirty-day written notice that you will be leaving the school at the end of the stated month, this deposit will be refunded on your child's last day. Failure to provide the required thirty-day notice will result in loss of the deposit. Failure to pay past-due fees (for example tuition, late fees, volunteer fees) can also result in partial or full loss of the deposit.



2019-2020 Monthly Tuition*

Infant Classroom:   $1,991 (CFPB Employee) $2,074 (Non-CFPB Employee)

Toddler Ones:   $1,937 (CFPB Employee)  $2,018 (Non-CFPB Employee)

Toddler Twos:  $1,808 (CFPB Employee)  $1,883(Non-CFPB Employee)

Primary: $1,552 (CFPB Employee)  $1,616 (Non-CFPB Employee)