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Primary Montessori Program

“To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself, that is the first duty of the educator”-Maria Montessori

We strive to prepare a rich environment designed to meet your child's growing needs for independence and concept development is provided in the Small Savers Montessori Primary classroom. A mixed age classroom, Small Savers Primary generally range from ages three to five -- a traditional tenet of Montessori philosophy where younger children are encouraged to learn from older children, as well as their teachers and through their own exploration.

Daily living exercises are designed to enhance independence, concentration and coordination. Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Science, Geography and Culture areas of the classroom provide activities for exploration and repetition with a goal of mastery. Our Art area of drawing, painting, cutting, sculpting, and gluing provide opportunities for developing a sense of creativity and freedom to express themselves through art.

Daily walks and outdoor play are incorporated into both morning and afternoon schedules. A supervised naptime is scheduled from 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm daily. Routine parent-teacher conferences are held to discuss your child's individual progress.

Arrivals and Departures

Please be sure to sign in your child in each morning and out each afternoon. Our sign-in sheet will be used in the event of a fire as an attendance list so, please be sure your child is represented appropriately. If your child is expected to be absent or late, please indicate so on the sign-in sheet, or telephone us by 9:00am to let us know.


You will find a special parent sheet next to the attendance record clipboard which you can use to indicate any special events or changes in your child’s life. This helps us be supportive to your child during periods of change. Changes such as visits from grandparents, a parent on travel, moves, sickness or deaths in the family are noted here each day. Daily reports of your child’s activities are posted on the bulletin board or reported in individual notes to parents.


We encourage birthday celebrations. On your child’s birthday you may choose to bring a treat to share for afternoon snack. If you choose to bring something, please be sure it is relatively nutritious and avoid chocolate and nuts. Please read the ingredients to make sure that no peanuts were added and that it was not made in a factory that processes nuts. 

We usually sing The Earth goes Around the Sun song. Each time the Earth goes around the Sun you turn another year old. To help us see his or her development, please send along a photo for each year plus an early baby photo.

The Earth goes around the sun,
[Child’s Name] goes around the sun,
The Earth goes around the sun,
And now [Child’s Name] is (one, two, three, four, five.]