What to bring

Please make sure everything is clearly labeled.  Each child has designated areas for his/her belongings. If we need to change your child's clothing for whatever reason, the dirty clothing will be tied in a plastic bag and placed in your cubby to be picked up at the end of the day. Please make sure all clothing fits and is appropriate for the weather. Please refrain from bringing in clothing or other items that you would not want to get stained or lost. Also note that Small Savers is a peanut-free Center, so please refrain from bringing any nut products into the center or any of its classrooms.



Toddler 2 Room


•Clothing – Please provide changes of clothing with all items clearly labeled. Your toddler will be exploring many new activities where clothing will be exposed to water, paint and toileting.

•Picture – We tape your child’s picture in their cubby to help them identify their space.

•Blanket – Your child will need a blanket for nap time. We send blankets home each Friday for laundering.

•Nap time – Children in the Toddler II Room do not use bottles, sippy cups or pacifiers at nap time. Stuffed animals are welcome for nap time comfort.


Teachers offer children a morning and afternoon snack consisting of milk, water and one of the approved snacks provided by parents (see below). Children remaining in the classroom shortly before closing are offered an additional snack. The preferred snacks we ask parents to bring (on a rotating basis) include the following:

•Fresh fruit, dried fruit such as raisons, or canned fruit in light syrup

•Applesauce, no sugar added

•Low-fat yogurt

•Cheese (string cheese or cheese cubes)

•Baked good such as bagels, breads, zucchini or banana bread, or muffins (1st listed ingredient must not be sugar)

•Low-sugar cookies such as graham or animal crackers, fig newtons, or vanilla wafers

•Crackers: goldfish, graham, animal, saltines or club crackers, vanilla wafer, Whole Wheat Saltines or Ritz etc. 2 approx. 1-lb boxes.