What to bring

Please make sure everything is clearly labeled.  Each child has designated areas for his/her belongings. If we need to change your child's clothing for whatever reason, the dirty clothing will be tied in a plastic bag and placed in your cubby to be picked up at the end of the day. Please make sure all clothing fits and is appropriate for the weather. Please refrain from bringing in clothing or other items that you would not want to get stained or lost. Also note that Small Savers is a peanut-free Center, so please refrain from bringing any nut products into the center or any of its classrooms.



Infant Room


•1 tube or tub of the diaper ointment that you prefer to be used on your child

•2 crib sheets (portable crib size)

•2 changes of clothes and socks

•3 bibs (minimum)

•2 extra cans of formula (1 for the cabinet, 1 for the emergency backpack)

•2 extra bottles (1 for the cabinet, 1 for the emergency backpack)

•Outdoor wear (jackets, hats, etc.)

•2 pacifiers (if applicable) and 1 pacifier "attacher" (if applicable)

•Jar food (when applicable)

•Cereal (when applicable)

•Snack food for children eating table food (cheerios, crackers, cheese, yogurt, etc.) (when applicable)

•Sippy cup (when applicable)

•Optional: sunscreen (with pediatrician's note for your infant under 12 months), bumper pad, mobile, soft top for crib, special teether, disposable camera for us to take pictures of your child with, etc.

Note: Parents are welcome to store breast milk in both the refrigerator (for that day) as well as in the freezer. Please remember to label all of these items.


Toddler 1 Room


Bottle: Please provide one (1) empty bottle to be given only at naptime. Let us know if you prefer Whole or 1% Organic Milk. (If your child is on a different formula or beverage, e.g. Soy Milk, Rice Milk, etc., please bring in prepared bottles of that beverage to be kept in the door of the refrigerator. The bottles are cleaned each day. Bottles that we fill with Whole or 1% Organic Milk may be kept here.

Bibs: Please bring in two (2) labeled bibs to be kept here. They will be washed daily.

Blanket: Please bring in one (1) labeled blanket that will remain here during the week and be sent home every Friday to be washed.

Clothing: Make sure your child has a labeled change of clothes in his/her cubby. It is important that they fit and are appropriate for the weather. Only shoes with hard soles can be worn in the Toddler Ones room.

What to wear for water days: Have your child wear aqua shoes, canvas, jellies, or sandals (all are closed-toe only).

Photos: Please bring in a photo of your child and a photo of your family. We tape your child’s photo in their coat area to help them identify their personal space. 

Sandals must have closed toes.


Toddler 2 Room


•Clothing – Please provide changes of clothing with all items clearly labeled. Your toddler will be exploring many new activities where clothing will be exposed to water, paint and toileting.

•Picture – We tape your child’s picture in their cubby to help them identify their space.

•Blanket – Your child will need a blanket for naptime. We send blankets home each Friday for laundering.

•Naptime – Children in the Toddler II Room do not use bottles, sippy cups or pacifiers at naptime. Stuffed animals are welcome for naptime comfort.


Teachers offer children a morning and afternoon snack consisting of milk, water and one of the approved snacks provided by parents (see below). Children remaining in the classroom shortly before closing are offered an additional snack. The preferred snacks we ask parents to bring (on a rotating basis) include the following:

•Fresh fruit, dried fruit such as raisons, or canned fruit in light syrup

•Applesauce, no sugar added

•Low-fat yogurt

•Cheese (string cheese or cheese cubes)

•Baked good such as bagels, breads, zucchini or banana bread, or muffins (1st listed ingredient must not be sugar)

•Low-sugar cookies such as graham or animal crackers, fig newtons, or vanilla wafers

•Crackers: goldfish, graham, animal, saltines or club crackers, vanilla wafer, Whole Wheat Saltines or Ritz etc. 2 approx. 1-lb boxes.

Preschool Room

Extra Clothes

Your child will need one complete change of clothes (including shoes) and a jacket to be used in emergencies. Children who are toilet training may need extra underwear and additional clothing during periods of frequent accidents. Bathing suits and water shoes are recommended for summer “water days�?. Please remember to provide clothing appropriate for the season.


Snacks are provided by parents who are assigned alphabetically, on a rotational basis, by the classroom teacher. Quantities will vary throughout the year depending on the size of the classroom. The contents of the snack list will vary depending on availability of certain products that may be required by the classroom. When purchasing products make sure that all ingredients are read, make sure snacks don't contain nuts and are not manufactured with machinery that also manufactures nut products. Juice is no longer served in the preschool classroom; therefore juice is no longer on the snack list. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for the classroom as we are required to serve nutritious meals and snacks which meet USDA requirements for child development programs. 

Parents may be asked to purchase classroom supplies at various times of the year. These supplies are crucial for hte continued success of the educational develpment of the children in teh classroom. For every $20 spent, an hour of volunteer time will be earned. Volunteer hours can also be earned when a person watches the children while the staff attends meetings or other scheduled events during the course of the year. All parent involvement is greatly welcomed and appreciated in the preschool room.

Breakfast is provided between 7:30 and 8:30. Morning snack is provided between 10:00 and 10:30. Morning snack varies between an individual or group snack experiences. Afternoon or group snack is eaten together as a group at about 3:45pm. Depending on the snack being served, the children may be allowed to help themselves to additional snack that may be set up on a table. 

Recommended Snacks

  • different types of cheese
  • cheez its
  • graham crackers
  • whole wheat crackers
  • pretzels (low salt or unsalted), sun chips
  • ritz crackers
  • goldfish
  • blueberry muffins
  • bagels, cream cheese (strawberry, pumpkin spice or regular)
  • yogurt (vanilla or plain)
  • apple sauce
  • raisins
  • club crackers

Peanut and Nut Policy

Many food products pose problems for children with allergies, but the most dangerous in a school setting are peanuts and tree nuts. Tree nuts include almonds, walnuts, cashews, filberts, etc.

As Small Savers is a peanut-free Center, we want to ensure that no peanut or nut products are introduced into the classrooms. This is because children do not necessarily have to ingest peanuts and tree nuts, but exposure, even in the tiniest amount, through inadvertent contact (nose, eyes or mouth) can cause a serious reaction.

Strict avoidance is the only means of preventing an allergic reaction. Therefore, we require parent and staff cooperation in the following ways:

  • Please make sure that your classroom teachers are aware of your child's food allergies;
  • Do not bring food items to school, including snacks, gifts, etc., for children or teachers containing peanut or nut products;
  • For food items that are brought to school to be shared by all the class, please bring only products that have been purchased in a store and have a clear and readable list of ingredients. Staff will refuse distribution of food products that are not properly labeled.
  • For labeled food items which are brought to school to be shared by all the class or school, please do not bring in products with labels containing peanut or nut products, OR warnings about cross-contamination with peanut and nut products, such as:
    • "Processed on shared equipment with peanut (or nut) products";
    • "Manufactured in a facility that also processed peanuts (or nuts)";
    • "May contain traces of peanuts (or nuts)".

Staff will refuse to distribute any of the above-mentioned products.

Small Savers will not be responsible for food that is not distributed by the Center itself. When a child is present at a potluck (or party/function where non-Center food is provided), the child's teacher or the Lead Teacher will not permit the child to eat food not provided by the Center unless otherwise specified by the parent. We thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding.