What to bring

Please make sure everything is clearly labeled.  Each child has designated areas for his/her belongings. If we need to change your child's clothing for whatever reason, the dirty clothing will be tied in a plastic bag and placed in your cubby to be picked up at the end of the day. Please make sure all clothing fits and is appropriate for the weather. Please refrain from bringing in clothing or other items that you would not want to get stained or lost. Also note that Small Savers is a peanut-free Center, so please refrain from bringing any nut products into the center or any of its classrooms.



Toddler 1 Room


Bottle: Please provide one (1) empty bottle to be given only at naptime. Let us know if you prefer Whole or 1% Organic Milk. (If your child is on a different formula or beverage, e.g. Soy Milk, Rice Milk, etc., please bring in prepared bottles of that beverage to be kept in the door of the refrigerator. The bottles are cleaned each day. Bottles that we fill with Whole or 1% Organic Milk may be kept here.

Bibs: Please bring in two (2) labeled bibs to be kept here. They will be washed daily.

Blanket: Please bring in one (1) labeled blanket that will remain here during the week and be sent home every Friday to be washed.

Clothing: Make sure your child has a labeled change of clothes in his/her cubby. It is important that they fit and are appropriate for the weather. Only shoes with hard soles can be worn in the Toddler Ones room.

What to wear for water days: Have your child wear aqua shoes, canvas, jellies, or sandals (all are closed-toe only).

Photos: Please bring in a photo of your child and a photo of your family. We tape your child’s photo in their coat area to help them identify their personal space. 

Sandals must have closed toes.